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Create and Publish Facebook Posts and Reels!

How to create and publish a Facebook Reel from your Calendar!

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Creating and publishing Facebook Posts and Reels in HeyOrca is a breeze! Use this handy guide as your reference for creating, scheduling, and publishing Facebook content!

Before you begin:

  • At the moment, we can only publish single video Reels

  • Reels have a maximum duration of 90 seconds

  • Due to API limitations, at the moment you cannot add your own trending audio

Create Facebook Reels

Step 1: Create a new Facebook post.

Head over to your calendar and select the ‘New Post’, button, or drag and drop your media to your calendar to create a Facebook post!

ProTip: You can add multiple images to your post by dragging and dropping them to your calendar!

Image displaying the dropdown that appears when the + button is clicked on the top right of a calendar.

Step 2: Change your post type to Reel.

To change your post type from a regular Facebook post to a Reel, select the Reel button from the dropdown menu above your media.

Image displaying the dropdown to change a post in HeyOrca from a Facebook feed post to a Facebook reel.

For Facebook Reels, the recommended format is 1080 by 1920 pixels or a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Step 3: Add your post details!

With your Facebook post set as a Reel, you can proceed to add in the rest of your details such as your post caption, and hashtags.

Image displaying the preview of a Facebook reel post in HeyOrca.

Pro Tip: Use our AI Caption Generator to create smart, tailored captions in seconds!

Step 4: Schedule your posts for publishing!

Once you've finalized your content and are happy with your post details, you can schedule your post by selecting your desired publishing time.

Image displaying the screen where a date and time can be set for a post in HeyOrca.

To schedule your post, you can change the post status to Approved or send it to your clients and colleagues using our Multi-Approval feature or via a shareable link for feedback!

Image displaying the dropdown menu to change the status of a post in HeyOrca.

Once your Reel is approved, it'll automatically publish to your Facebook page and audience at the designated time!

Image displaying the current Approved status of a post.

Create Facebook posts in HeyOrca's Mobile View

Use the Post Preview feature in HeyOrca in order to preview your content as it would display on mobile, as well as save time by bringing you and your clients up to speed on how the post will look!

Here’s how to use the mobile view feature:

Step 1: Open your Facebook post, or create a new one on the calendar.

Step 2: In the top right toggle, click mobile.

Here’s how your mobile preview will look within your mobile feed!

You can access the text editor directly in your post by clicking anywhere on your copy. You can also see the Text Cut Off area as you would on Facebook to show you the rest of the post.

GIF displaying the steps of changing a post from the desktop preview to a mobile preview.

Note: You will need to click back to desktop to exit the mobile preview.

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