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Publish Posts with Facebook Scheduler

Pre-schedule posts within your calendar to send to the Facebook Scheduler!

Updated over a week ago

HeyOrca has the ability to Pre-schedule your Facebook posts and send them to the Facebook Scheduler without re-creating your content! 🙌

Pre-schedule your organic posts from HeyOrca in Facebook Ads Manager under Scheduled Posts so you can easily create ads without re-creating the post! 

Pre-schedule your Posts

Step 1: Create your post in HeyOrca!

Step 2: Change the Scheduler option by clicking on HeyOrca Scheduler.

This step allows you to choose which scheduler your post will be managed through: The HeyOrca Scheduler or The Facebook Scheduler.

Pro-Tip: If you want to create organic and ad posts without re-creating them in the Facebook Scheduler, you can send them to Facebook so that a copy of your post will be available to boost.

Toggle the Facebook option on for the post to be sent to the Facebook Scheduler. 

GIF displaying the steps to change a HeyOrca post from publishing through HeyOrca, to publish through Facebook scheduler.

Step 3: Once the post is approved, the post will be sent to the Facebook scheduler at the scheduled time, or can be sent immediately by clicking Schedule Now:

Image displaying the dropdown menu that appears to change the status of a post.

Congratulations! You’ve now sent your HeyOrca posts to the Facebook Scheduler 🙌

Note: When you send your posts to the Facebook Scheduler, publishing is managed and handled directly by Facebook. 

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