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Create Your First Calendar and Publish Your First Post!
Create Your First Calendar and Publish Your First Post!

Learn how to set up your HeyOrca calendar and get your first post out to your audience!

Updated over a week ago

Welcome to HeyOrca! This article covers how to set up your first calendar on your trial, and get your first post out!

You can refer to our handy video guide below or scroll down for a step-by-step guide!

Set Up Your Calendar and First Post (Video)

Set Up Your Account

Step 1: Enter in Your First and Last Name to Set Up Your Account

a screenshot displaying the User Setup page

Step 2: Enter your Company Name

a screenshot displaying the Company Setup page

Here's where you can enter your company name and details to finish set up your account!

Step 3: Enter Your Calendar's Name

a screenshot displaying the Name Your First Calendar page

Your calendar is your content planning and scheduling dashboard, where you can manage all of your posts. Here, you can enter the name you'd like to give your calendar! This can be your client's brand name, company name, or anything else you'd like!

Step 4: Connect your First Account

a screenshot displaying the initial Connect a Social Account page

After entering your calendar name, you'll be prompted to connect your first account. Select the blue connect button to choose a channel type.

You'll need to ensure that you have the required access to the account you're trying to connect.

  • Facebook - Be an admin on the FB page

  • Instagram Professional Profile - To use direct publishing, your Instagram account needs to be a Business or Creator account and be connected to a Facebook page. For Instagram Professional profiles, we highly recommend having Business Admin access on the account's Meta Business Suite.

  • Instagram Personal Account - Login access to the Instagram account. Note: Instagram personal accounts cannot use direct publishing.

  • LinkedIn Company Page - Superadmin access to the page

  • LinkedIn Personal Profile - Login access to the account

  • TikTok Business & Personal Profile - Login access to the account

  • Pinterest - Login access to the account

  • Google Business Profile- Login access to the Google account that has manager access/permissions to your Google Business Profile Location

Once your account is connected, you can add additional accounts, or proceed to planning your first post!

Create your First Post!

Now that you've gotten your account connected, you'll be brought to the post creation and preview page. Here's where you can add your posts media and captions, hashtags, and select a scheduling time!

a screenshot displaying the post creation and preview page

ProTip: Use our AI Caption generator to easily create smart captions in seconds!

Once you've added in your desired information including your post media, caption, and anything else you'd like to include, you can schedule your post for publishing.

To schedule the post at your chosen time, set the post-stage to Approve.

a screenshot illustrating the post-stage drop down menu

Once approved, your post will be published at the selected time.

a screenshot illustrating an Approved post stage

If you'd like to schedule the post for approval by your team, you can use the Awaiting Approval stage. Click here to learn more about our multi-approval process!

a screenshot illustrating a post Awaiting Approval

To publish the post instantly, select Publish Now!

a screenshot illustrating the Publish Now option

Once your post has been scheduled successfully in your calendar, it will publish automatically at the designated time!

When your post has been successfully published, you'll see it indicated by the blue Published stage. You can also visit the published post directly on the platform by pressing Visit Post!

a screenshot illustrating a post in Published stage
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