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Set Up Post Approval Reminders and Multi-Approval Posts
Set Up Post Approval Reminders and Multi-Approval Posts

Set up email notifications to be reminded when content needs to be approved

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Post Approval Reminders

Approval reminders help notify you and your clients when content is getting close to its scheduled due date, and still needs to be approved for publishing.

You can turn on approval reminders for yourself for any calendar, through your Notification Settings.

Adjust Approval Notifications for Your Account

Your Notification Settings panel allows you to control how you get notified by various triggers:

Screenshot displays a list of notification settings for the calendar "Oscar From the Pod" with an arrow pointing to "Approval Reminders"

Adjust Your Client's Approval Reminder Frequency

You can also set them for other team members and clients, and customize the time range, through your Calendar Settings.

With the calendar settings page, select the Reminders Tab:

Screenshot displays the Calendar Settings, with an arrow pointing to the Reminders tab, another arrow pointing to the timing options, and another arrow pointing to the internal members that are selected to receive the notifications

From here, you can select which user will be notified by the approval reminders by selecting the box next to their name. Additionally, you can adjust the frequency by adjusting the drop down menu.

The approval reminder frequency refers to when your client will be notified when content is within the chosen period (24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days) of its publishing time.

An email will automatically be sent out to each person selected. It will have a link to the posts that need to be approved!

How to Use the Multi-Approval

HeyOrca's multi-approval feature makes it easy to set up your posts for internal and external sign-off before scheduling. This article goes over how the multi-approval feature works as well as configuring your internal and external approvals!

How the Multi-Approval Feature Works

Using the multi-approval function, you can make sure that your content is reviewed and approved by everyone involved in your approval process, or select specific individuals as the only ones who can approve content.

After you’ve created your posts, change the stage of your post from Draft to Awaiting Approval, then click the gear icon on the Awaiting Approval bar:

Arrow pointing to settings within the Awaiting Approval

You'll see a list of the calendar's Internal and External users appear, allowing you to select multiple people, or one specific person who's approval you require:

Screenshot displays the list of users who are on the calendar and can be selected as an approver

After setting the multi-approval, all users selected will have to approve the post before the content can be published.

Multi-approvals are a great way to keep multiple clients and internal team members all on the same page and up to date!

Note: If you override a multi-approval, any approvals made on that post will be lost.

If you need to add another user onto a multi-approval that has already been created, you can select that post on the calendar, then from the Bulk actions drop down menu, select multi-approval again, and then add the additional approver.

Internal Approvals in HeyOrca

There are a few different ways to set up an efficient internal review process in HeyOrca. Here are a couple of the most common scenarios used by our customers:

  1. Using Awaiting Approval for internal approval.

  2. When posts have been created and populated with content, you can use our simple sharing functionality to send specific posts to a team member for review.

  3. Once they have finished reviewing the content, they can move the posts from Draft into Awaiting Approval to signify that the post has been approved internally. That way, the final approval is reserved for the client!

  4. Moving the posts from Draft to Awaiting Approval is also a simple visual way of seeing content that is moving through the review process.

  5. Using Multi-Approval to Include Internal Stakeholders as Part of the Approval

The multi-approval function in HeyOrca already allows for multiple people to be included on an approval for individual posts.

Generally, it is used exclusively for multiple *clients* that need to sign off on content, but it can also be used to include a combination of agency and client approvers.

Posts can be populated with content and moved to Awaiting Approval to signify that they’re ready to be reviewed. At that point, multi-approval can be enabled. Both the agency AND client approvers can then be added.

Once the agency has “approved” the post, they can leave a comment or a post tag as well to signify that it is ready to send to clients.

Screenshot displaying the Awaiting Approval post stage with 1 user selected as an approver

Use Post Tags to Identify Posts That Are Ready for Client Review

Post Tags are a flexible feature that can be used to categorize content in many ways:

  • When content has been reviewed internally and is ready for client review, the posts can be tagged using Post Tags to identify them as ready to be sent to the client!

If multiple people need to sign off on content prior to it being reviewed by the client, they can each leave their own unique Post Tag as an indication that they approved the post.

External Approvals in HeyOrca

Setting up your clients as External Stakeholders makes the review process simple for them.

To get started, you'll send your client (via email, slack message, etc.) a shareable link containing the content that requires their review.

When they click the link, they'll be brought to a Welcome Page, where they'll be prompted to click their name:

Screen displays the Welcome page that users will see when accessing a Shareable Link

*In the External Stakeholder role, your clients do not need to log in, and will never require a password. After they click their name, they'll be brought to either the Month view or Day view.

Note: While your client has the ability to toggle back and forth between the two, the view that you generate the link in on your end determines which view they're brought to first.

The Month view displays the social media content on a calendar, while the Day view looks more like a social media feed.

As long as the post is in Awaiting Approval, your client will have the option to either Approve or Reject a post

They'll also be able to leave you a comment with their feedback! If they @mention one of your team members, that team member will be notified via email that the post needs their attention.

A screen recording demonstrating how a post will appear to an external approver. The user approves the post and comments "Looks great!"

It's just that simple!

Note: External stakeholders will receive a notification if they are tagged via a mention in the everyone section of the post comment section. If they reply to the comment or leave a general comment that is not a reply, they will continue to receive email notifications for future comments made on that post.

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