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Understand Your Post's Various Approval Stages
Understand Your Post's Various Approval Stages

Setting up posts to be reviewed and approved!

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The post stage indicator allows you to quickly see what stage your post is currently at, and adjust it. It also shows you where in the approval process your current post is.

You’ll be able to see if the post is still being worked on, ready for review, if the post has been approved (or needs revision), or if it’s been published.

The current stages your post can be in are: Draft, Awaiting Approval, Approve, and Revise

Click on the Post Stage button to get a drop-down menu where you can change the stage of the post.

If you’ve just created the post, the stage defaults to Draft:

Screen recording that displays a Pinterest Post thats scheduled in Draft stage. The user selected the current stage and hovers their cursor over the post stages

Each approval stage is color-coded. (You’ll see how this will come in handy at the end of this guide 😊)


The draft stage is indicated by the grey 'Draft' label. Use this label when the post is still being worked on and not yet ready for review by your team or clients:

Screenshot displaying the post in Draft stage

Awaiting Approval

Use this label when the post is ready for your team and/or client’s review. Once you change a post to ‘Awaiting Approval’ the Approve and Revise buttons will also appear:


Screenshot displaying the post in the Awaiting Approval stage

The Approve and Revise buttons are visible to your clients and this is how they provide feedback for the post.

Pro Tip: Set a post to Multi-Approval by clicking on the gear icon that appears when a post is set to Awaiting Approval. Now you can choose multiple internal and external members who need to approve the post before it goes live, or select one individual in particular.

Within the Awaiting Approval stage, users can select the "gear" icon to view the users who can be selected as the posts approver.

Screenshot displays that Oscar's Client is selected as the approver


Your post will be updated to the green Approved label once your post has been approved from the clients selected in the list of approvers and will publish automatically at the scheduled time:

Screenshot displaying the post in the Approved stage

If you're not sending the post to be approved by someone else, you can press 'Approve' by using the drop down menu, which will schedule your post out for your selected date and time!

Needs Revision

When a post has been set to revise indicated by the red Needs Approval, it will not publish at its scheduled date and time.

Screenshot displaying the post in the Needs Revision stage

Pro Tip: The comments section on each post is a great place for your team to leave feedback on why a post needs revision.


Your hard work has paid off! The post is now live on the social network (Facebook, X/Twitter, and LinkedIn) or sent to your email or mobile app to post (Instagram).

Click the View Post button to be taken directly to the social channel where you can view your post:

Screenshot displaying the Published stage and the View Post button

Understand the Stage Colors on your Calendar

Once you familiarize yourself with the various stages, you can also see the status of each post-at-a-glance by looking at the post-stage colour code on the monthly view. 

  • Grey: Draft  

  • Yellow: Awaiting Approval  

  • Red: Needs Revision

  • Green: Approved

  • Blue: Published 

Screenshot of the calendar view for the 27th with 4 scheduled posts, each displaying a different color for each post stage

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