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Your TikTok Direct Publishing Guide!
Your TikTok Direct Publishing Guide!

Learn how to schedule your TikToks to be published using HeyOrca's direct publishing!

Updated over a week ago

With HeyOrca’s TikTok Direct Publishing, you can plan your TikToks in HeyOrca’s content calendar and automatically publish them to the app! 🎉

This will allow you to save time and allow you to share content with clients easier than ever! 🎊

*TikTok Direct Publishing is Available for Personal and Business Accounts!

Publish your TikTok Content Automatically

Step 1: Connect your Business or Personal TikTok account.

Before you start scheduling, you'll need to connect a TikTok personal, or business account. To learn how to connect a business account, check out the guide below!

Learn how to connect a TikTok Business account to HeyOrca.

Note: If you've already got a TikTok Personal Account connected, you may need to reauthorize it to enable direct publishing.

Step 2: On the content calendar, create a new post, and select your connected TikTok account.

GIF displaying the post modal where a social account can be selected and the date and time set to create a post.

Step 3: Upload your video, and add your caption to your post on the calendar.

Image displaying a TikTok image post, highlighting where the View settings can be adjusted.

Step 4: Select your TikTok thumbnail.

To choose your thumbnail, press the three dots near your attached video and press edit.

From there, use the thumbnail slider to choose the thumbnail you would like to select. You can choose a frame from the video to be the selected thumbnail for your TikTok.

GIF displaying the process of editing the cover/thumbnail of a video post in HeyOrca.

Note: At this time, we can not add custom thumbnails to TikToks that are being published directly.

Step 5: Once your TikTok is approved on the calendar, your video will be automatically published at the scheduled time! 🙌

Now, your TikTok is live on the app!

Important things to note:

  • Recommended Aspect Ratio: 9:16, 1:1

  • Recommended Resolution: 540 pixels and above

  • Video Duration: Between 1-600 seconds

  • Maximum Size: 1 GB

  • Trending audio is not supported at this time

  • You can add up to 2200 characters

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