Create and Publish an Instagram Collab Post!

Learn how to create and invite users to your collaborative posts from HeyOrca!

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Want to learn how to reach new audiences by creating a collaborative post in HeyOrca? This guide is for you! This article goes over how you can create and publish collaborative posts directly from your calendar.

Before you begin, here are some key things to note:

  • Instagram Collab Posts are Available for Instagram Business Profiles

  • You can tag collaborators on single-image posts, carousels, and reels

  • You can tag a maximum of three collaborators

Create and Publish Collab Posts on Instagram (Video)

Step 1: Create your Instagram Post!

Head over to your calendar and select the New Post button, or drag and drop your media to your calendar to create an Instagram post.

Pro Tip: You can add multiple images to your post by dragging and dropping them to your calendar!

Image displaying the drop down menu that appears when the + button is clicked at the top of a HeyOrca calendar.

Step 2: Add your post details.

With your post now created, you can add your content including additional media, captions, and hashtags!

To add a collaborator to a Reel post, you'll need to attach a video and select the Reel post type using the drop-down menu.

Image displaying the drop down menu that can be used to change a post from a feed post, to a reel, or a story.

Step 3: Invite your Collaborators!

Head over to the user tagging button located on your image or Reel.

Image identifying the icon that can be used to tag users in a picture on HeyOrca.

This will open up the tagging page, where you can select the Collaborators tab to send an invite.

Image identifying the Collaborators tab to add them to a Instagram post in HeyOrca.

Type in the handle of the user you’d like to invite to be a collaborator on your Instagram post! You can add up to 3 collaborators to your post.

GIF displaying the steps of adding a collaborator to a post in HeyOrca.

Note: We can't autocomplete or check usernames. For best results, we recommend copying and pasting your collaborator's handle. Private profiles can't be invited.

Press Invite to add your collaborator(s), and Save to finalize your choice.

Image displaying the change in the icon that allows you to add collaborators or tag users, when there are additions on the post.

Step 4: Schedule your Post for Publishing!

Image displaying a post with collaborators added to it in HeyOrca.

Once you’re happy with your post, you can schedule it for publishing at your desired time, or send it for approval using our multi-approval feature. When your post is published and live, an invitation will be sent to your collaborators to share the content with their audience!

Step 5: Reach New Audiences and #TakeBackYourDay!

Sit back and relax while reclaiming your day through the ability to invite collaborators straight from your HeyOrca Calendar!

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