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Tag your Instagram Shop Products on Reels and Feed Posts!
Tag your Instagram Shop Products on Reels and Feed Posts!

Tag your Instagram Reels and feed posts with your shop products right from HeyOrca!

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Looking for an awesome and easy way to promote your Instagram shop product? Our Product Tagging feature is for you!

You can easily tag your products on your HeyOrca calendar and publish your single image posts, carousels, and reels content directly to Instagram!

Check out our easy-to-follow video guide or detailed guide below!

Tag Instagram Products (Video)

Requirements for Product Shop

To tag products on your Instagram posts, you'll need to have an active store on your Meta Commerce page. You'll also need to have your account connected to your HeyOrca calendar as a Business Profile.

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Tag Products in your Posts

Step 1: Create a New Post or Reel.

Head over to your calendar and select Create Post to begin creating your post by choosing your Instagram Business Profile, and selecting a publishing time for your post.

Image displaying the drop down that appears when the + button is clicked at the top of the calendar.

Instagram product tagging is currently available for single-image posts, carousels and Instagram Reels

Image displaying a post preview in HeyOrca.

Once your post has been created, you can upload your image(s) to your feed post, or add a video for your Instagram Reel!

Step 2: Tag your Desired Products.

To tag your products, select the product tagging icon located next to the user tagging icon on your post's image, or reel video.

Image identifying the tag icon that can be used to tag products on a post.

This will open up your Instagram product shop. From here, easily select and tag your desired products onto your images or video!

Image displaying the pop up that appears where products can be tagged on an image.

You can choose your products by navigating through your collections, or by selecting View All Products. Additionally, you can find specific products you're looking for easily by using the search bar.

GIF displaying the steps of tagging a product on an image in HeyOrca.

Note: You can tag up to 5 products per image on your post

To change the location of your tag, you can click anywhere on the image after selecting the product. Once you're happy with the location, select Add Product Tag to save your selection.

GIF displaying the steps of tagging a product on an image in HeyOrca.

To untag an added product, press the Untag button.

Image displaying the products available to be tagged in an image.

Step 3: Schedule and Publish Your Content!

With your products now tagged, and your content approved, you can go ahead and schedule your post for publishing!

Image displaying a post preview in HeyOrca, where products have been tagged.

When your post is published, your selected products will be live on your post for your audience to view!

Can't find your products?

Step 1: Double-check your Shopify account to see if your products are approved.

To do this, visit the Facebook & Instagram integration on your Shopify store. Under the column labeled Status you'll be able to view if your products are Approved by Meta.

Image displaying a product catalogue in Shopify.

Step 2: Head over to your Meta Business Suit and select the Commerce tab to view your products.

Image identifying where the product catalogue can be access in Meta business suite.

From here, you'll be able to view how many products you have synced and approved.

Image identifying where a catalogue can be accessed through Meta business suite.

To ensure your products appear within HeyOrca, please ensure the products you're looking for are approved and synced.

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