Guidelines to Publish to Instagram

Learn how to start posting your content to Instagram from HeyOrca!

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HeyOrca can schedule your Instagram posts (Single Image, Video and Carousel Posts, and Instagram Reels, and single image Stories) directly in HeyOrca! 🥳

In order to publish directly to Instagram, you'll need to make sure your Instagram account is designated as a Professional Account (Business or Creator), and that the same account is linked to an existing Facebook page.

Instagram Personal accounts accounts cannot publish any type of post, story, or reel automatically.

Learn more about Instagram account types.

Refer to this graphic below to learn about what each type of Instagram account can do in HeyOrca.

Image displaying a breakdown of Instagram accounts that are able to directly publish, access metrics and other features through Meta's API.

We've compiled all the information you will need in this article on how you can start posting to Instagram in HeyOrca.

​Schedule Instagram stories with the HeyOrca Mobile app.
​How to use the HeyOrca Mobile App.

Schedule Instagram Reels directly from HeyOrca.

How to Set Up Instagram Direct Publishing

Step 1: Ensure You Meet the Requirements for Direct Publishing.

In order to connect your Instagram account to HeyOrca for direct publishing, you need to ensure that your IG account meets the following requirements:

  1. Your Instagram account will need to be set up as a Business or a Creator Account. If you are currently using a personal profile, you can convert it to one of these options.

  2. Your Business and Creator Account need to be connected to a Facebook Page. Here are instructions to help you connect your accounts.

Step 2: Select the Business Account Option & Reauthorize Your Instagram Account in HeyOrca.

Now that your Instagram account is setup properly, all you have to do is reauthorize the connection in HeyOrca to enable Instagram Direct Publishing.

Image displaying the connection screen where one can select between connecting an account as a professional or personal IG profile.

Note: If you already have a creator account connected in HeyOrca, all you need to do to enable direct publishing is authorize it using the business profile option above!

If you are having trouble reauthorizing your accounts, follow our troubleshooting guide here or reach out to!

Step 3: Change your account's publishing status to Direct in your calendar settings.

Click on the arrow next to the Instagram logo to open up the notification settings. You'll have the option to choose how each post type will be published using the drop down menu.

Image displaying an IG account connected to a calendar where publishing settings and the notification receiver can be edited.

You'll have the option to select direct publishing, or notifications as your desired publishing method. You can also choose the user who will be the notification receiver and the notification type using this menu!

Step 4: Start creating your content in HeyOrca!

You can create your content as you would have previously on your Instagram account, but now you’ll be able to save even more time by having your single-image and video posts scheduled automatically!

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