∙ Why didn't my client receive an Email invite?

If your client is added as a Stakeholder, they will not receive an Email invite. 

If your client has a different role and did not receive an invite please contact support@heyorca.com or message the team through the in-app chat.

∙ What can my client see in HeyOrca?

What your client will see in HeyOrca depends which role you assign to them and how much you choose to share. 

Learn more about External Roles to determine the best fit for your Agency-Client relationship.

∙ Why am I receiving so many Email notifications?

Notifications can fill up your inbox quickly when they are set to “Live”. 

Try setting approvals and comments to “Daily” or “Hourly” to minimize the amount of Emails you receive. We recommend leaving @mentions set to “Live” so you will know when you’re needed in a hurry!

Ensure that you customize your notification settings to best suit your workflow. 

∙ How do I make changes to my account?

If you would like to Upgrade/Downgrade/Deactivate your account please reach out to support@heyorca.com.

See how to update your payment information here.

∙ Why do I need to “reconnect” my social accounts and how do I reconnect them?

Social accounts may need to be periodically re-authorized in order to adhere to the accounts’ security regulations

A notification to reconnect may appear in regular rollouts or may be triggered by a change to the social account such as a password reset or a new admin added to the account.  


If you are a Calendar Owner or Admin, see how to reconnect social accounts. Otherwise, we recommend notifying your team so publishing does not get interrupted.  

∙ Can I create an Instagram Story in HeyOrca?

Yes! You can now create Instagram Stories in HeyOrca.

∙ How does Instagram Publishing work in HeyOrca?

For single image and single video posts, you are able to publish automatically in HeyOrca! You will need to connect an Instagram business profile in order to start publishing automatically.

Instagram publishing works a little differently in HeyOrca. You can schedule and collaborate on Instagram posts and stories with your Calendar in HeyOrca. 

Five minutes before an Instagram post is scheduled to be published, a notification is sent to the person who is designated notification receiver for your calendar.

If you are set to be the notification receiver, you can then download your content via HeyOrca Mobile App or via Email and publish it to Instagram. 

∙ Why is there no content showing in the mobile app?

The mobile app is a tool for copying your content from HeyOrca to Instagram. The app will only show content if both of the following are true:

  1. You are the designated notification receiver (a.k.a the person responsible for publishing to Instagram) for 1 or more calendars.

  2. Instagram posts and stories have been approved for those calendars. 

Have more questions? Reach out to support@heyorca.com anytime👌

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