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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does HeyOrca's pricing work?

HeyOrca offers three calendar tiers to suit your team’s needs: Basic, Standard and Pro. Each plan allows you to add up to 10 social accounts to your calendar and invite unlimited users. Each calendar tier includes different features that are designed to fit your specific workflow. You can view our full pricing plans here.

HeyOrca! Also offers a bulk discount which is applicable when you sign up for 5 or more calendars. For non-profit organizations, we are able to offer an additional discount with proof of non-profit status.

What is a calendar?

A calendar refers to your HeyOrca post creation and planning dashboard where you plan and organize your content. A calendar can be identified by the calendar layout and is accessed by your main dashboard, or the left hand side panel where you can easily switch between your various calendars.

What is reauthorization and why do I need to do It?

Reauthorization refers to the re-pairing process that is sometimes required between your added social account, and HeyOrca! Reauthorization is required by most platforms every 60-90 days but can vary depending on various factors such as change in permissions, the size of your page, the platform etc. The reauthorization dashboard makes it easy to see which accounts are currently in need of re-pairing and allows you to easily connect them again.

What platforms does HeyOrca publish to?

HeyOrca! Published to Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and offers Threads Publishing via Notifications

Why didn't my client receive an email invite?

If your client is added as an external Stakeholder, they will not receive an email invite. However, if your client has a different role and did not receive an invite please contact or message the team through the in-app chat.

What can my client see in HeyOrca?

What your clients will see in HeyOrca depends on which role you assign to them and how much you choose to share. Learn more about External Roles to determine the best fit for your Agency-Client relationship.

Why am I receiving so many email notifications?

Notifications can fill up your inbox quickly when they are set to “Live”.

Try setting approvals and comments to “Daily” or “Hourly” to minimize the amount of Emails you receive. We recommend leaving @mentions set to “Live” so you will know when you’re needed in a hurry!

Ensure that you customize your notification settings to best suit your workflow.

How do I make changes to my account?

If you would like to Upgrade/Downgrade your account please reach out to If you need to update your payment information, this article shows you how you can do this here.

How does Instagram publishing work in HeyOrca?

Instagram direct publishing is available for Business Profile (Business and Creator Instagram Accounts that are connected to a Facebook Page). With direct publishing enabled, you can publish your Instagram single image and carousel posts, reels, and single image and video stories!

You can also publish your Instagram content via mobile or email notifications! Five minutes before an Instagram post is scheduled to be published, a notification is sent to the person who is the designated notification receiver for your calendar.

If you are set to be the notification receiver, you can then download your content via HeyOrca Mobile App or via Email and publish it to Instagram.

Click here to learn more about Instagram direct publishing!

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