While working in HeyOrca you will receive in-app and email notifications to let you and your team know what’s going on while you’re away.

HeyOrca can send you an email notifications when:

  • Comments are made on a post,
  • You’re @mentioned specifically,
  • A post has been approved or rejected, 
  • When a social channel requires a re-authorization
  • When content in Awaiting Approval is reaching it’s publishing date

You can adjust your Notification Settings if you want more, fewer, or no notifications at all! There are currently four different notification options:

Off - You will not receive notifications
- You will receive notifications in real time
- You will receive one email notification an hour, with consolidated updates
- You will receive one email notification per day at 4:00pm EST, with consolidated updates

To adjust your notifications, navigate to your notification settings by clicking your name in the bottom left corner of the platform:

From there, customize the type and frequency of notification you would like to receive:

Have any questions? Tweet us @HeyOrca or send us a message any time 👌

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