How to set your Instagram Notifications

Set up your Instagram notifications to enhance your team’s workflow

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3rd Party Publishing apps are not able to publish to Instagram Creator and Personal accounts directly. You’ll need to publish to these types of Instagram accounts through either email or via the mobile app. 

Step 1: Connect your Instagram channel within the team settings page (gear icon on the left hand sidebar) 

Step 2: You will set a single team member as a Notification Receiver, by associating their email with the channel:

Step 3: choose how notifications will be received! You can choose to either receive notifications via email, mobile, or both, to facilitate publishing.

Based on what you choose, you’ll receive either an email, or a push notification from the mobile app 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of an approved Instagram post. 

(You can also use the “Publish Now” option in HeyOrca to instantly send the push notification.)

Pro-tip: the individual team member who is selected to receive the mobile notifications is the only one who will see approved content within the mobile app.

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