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Customize Your Notification Settings
Customize Your Notification Settings

Understand and edit your notification settings

Updated over a week ago

How to Set Notifications (Video)

HeyOrca sends in-app and email notifications to let you and your team know what’s going on while you’re away.

Customize your Notification Settings

Hover over your name in the bottom left corner of your window to view the main menu:

Select Notification Settings from the menu: 

Expand your notification settings for your calendars. For each calendar you belong to, you can set notifications according to your workflow.

​Choose which notifications you want to receive. Notifications can be sent in HeyOrca when: 

  • A social account requires re-authorization

  • A post has been approved or rejected

  • Comments are made on a post

  • You’re @mentioned in a post comment by a team member

  • Content in Awaiting Approval is getting close to its publishing date

Choose how often you want to receive each type of notification.

  • Live - You will receive notifications in real-time

  • Hourly - You will receive one email notification an hour, with consolidated updates

  • Daily - You will receive one email notification per day at 4:00 pm EST, with consolidated updates

  • Off - You will not receive notifications

Toggle Approval Reminders to blue to receive reminders when the content in the awaiting approval stage is getting close to its publishing date.

a screenshot displaying the Approval Reminders toggle enabled
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