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Instagram Reels Metrics in Post Performance Reports
Instagram Reels Metrics in Post Performance Reports

View your Reel key metrics and understand how your content is performing

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Here’s how to view your Instagram Reels Metrics in HeyOrca!

Step 1: Navigate to the Reports Section in your HeyOrca calendar.

Image displaying the side panel that appears with various reporting options when the Reports icon is clicked on a calendar.

Step 2: Click on Instagram Business Reports.

Step 3: Select the time period for your report, then scroll down to your Post Performance section. Your Instagram Reels insights will be available under each Reel that you’ve published.

Image identifying the metrics of a social post in the Post Performance section.

In addition to engagement metrics, here are the additional Reels metrics that you will be able to report on:

  • Shares - Number of times the Reel was shared

  • Plays - Number of plays that the Reel received, It could be higher than the number of accounts reached since some users may watch your Reel more than once

  • Reach - Number of unique Instagram accounts that the Reel reached

You’ll also be able to see a Reel icon on your Reels Content in Post Performance to differentiate it from other Instagram content.

Image identifying the Reel icon on a post in the Post Performance section of a report.
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