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Understand your report metrics with the info panel!
Understand your report metrics with the info panel!

Learn about how your key metrics are calculated and which data is collected with the metrics info panel for all report types!

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Your HeyOrca reports are a great way to get a high level understanding of how your account and published are performing over time. With the reports, you can track various key metrics to better understand your content's performance over time.

To make understanding these metrics easier, the metrics information panel can be used to get an in-depth analysis on how metrics are tracked, and how your reports are calculated.

Here's how you can use the metrics info panel for your standard Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn reports as well as Pro Cross Channel and Competitor Reports!

To learn about what metrics you can view in your HeyOrca reports, click here!

Step 1: Generate a Report

Visit the reports section to begin generating your report!

To generate a report, you'll need to input your selected date range as well as choose the account you'd like the report for.

Step 2: Click on the tooltip icon for the metric you'd like to learn more about to open up the info panel

The info panel for the metric you select will open on the right hand side.

Here, you'll find information about how that metric was calculated as well as any other relevant information related to the collection of that data.

You can click on any of the tooltip icons located on Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Cross Channel and Competitor reports to get more information regarding that specific metric!

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