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Create a Google My Business Post in HeyOrca!
Create a Google My Business Post in HeyOrca!

Start creating posts to your locations in Google My Business

Updated over a week ago

In HeyOrca, you can publish single image posts to your business locations in Google My Business (this does not include GIFs or videos)

*HeyOrca cannot post GIF images or Video files to Google My Business at this time.


  • If your Google MyBusiness profile has an unverified location, HeyOrca will not be able to post or create content for this specific location.

  • If Google considers your business a franchise/chain, you won't be able to publish to any of the content to that page.

Curious to see if your business is eligible for Google My Business? Review their posting guidelines and what makes a business eligible.

Create a Post

You can create a new post by clicking New Post on the calendar, and select the Google icon that will appear once you link a Google My Business channel:

Image displaying the post modal that appears when a post is created in HeyOrca, to select a social account and date and time of publishing.

🎨Step 1: Add text and an image the same as you would for any post in HeyOrca. HeyOrca can create single image posts for Google My Business.

Image displaying the preview of a Google MyBusiness post, where a caption and image can be added.

📣Step 2: Add a Call to Action button. This will redirect your customers to a link of your choosing! If you would like to use your online shop, you can select an option such as “buy” or “order online”  that can be chosen in the drop down menu. Once you choose a Call to Action button, you can copy and paste your link that you would like your users to be redirected to in the text box. 

Image displaying the dropdown that appears when the option to Add a Button is clicked on a Google MyBusiness post.

Now you can choose your desired call to action button and your post is ready for approval! 🙌🙌🙌

Image displaying the field where a URL can be linked to a button of a Google MyBusiness post.
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