How to Preview Links in HeyOrca

Create posts that preview your website's media

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In HeyOrca, you can add your links or websites to your posts in the calendar, and HeyOrca will load any associated media as the post's link preview.

This makes it easy to associate media with your link and to help your followers access relevant content to your brand.

Here's how to create a Link Preview in HeyOrca:

Step 1: Create a new post on the calendar, or edit an existing post.

Step 2: Type or copy the link you'd like to include in your post into the copy section.

If your link has media associated with it, it will be loaded as your preview!

My link isn't loading an image! What do I do?

If you're not seeing an image with your link, here are a few things that you can try:

Facebook Posts

If a Facebook post contains a link, the HeyOrca will display an informational message below the approval stage. Clicking this link will check the URL in your post with the Facebook Debugger.

Since Facebook determines what link previews are shared, the Facebook Debugger will help show you what Facebook may use as the preview.

HeyOrca tries to give the most accurate preview possible, but Facebook may determine a different image based on privacy and false information rules and regulations.

We highly suggest using the Facebook Debugger if you are ever concerned about how your link preview will look once live on Facebook.

LinkedIn Posts

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn can also help preview your content accurately with the Post Inspector.

All you need to do is copy and paste your link into the field of the Post Inspector.

LinkedIn will show you what to expect once the post has been published, as well as other helpful data below the link preview.

Twitter Posts

Twitter posts in the HeyOrca calendar that contain a link will include an informational message on the Twitter Card Validator.

The Twitter Card Validator will also preview what you can expect your Twitter card will look like.

To use the Validator, click the link located in your post and paste your link into the validator.

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