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Promote your Facebook Posts in HeyOrca

Promote your Facebook posts from the same place you manage your organic conten

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Start saving time by using HeyOrca’s Post Promotion feature, where you can schedule promotions to your organic content directly from your calendar!

Before you start, be sure to have any Ad Blockers you may have installed turned off so that you can use Post Promotion! Learn how to turn off your AdBlocker.

In order to use this feature, you’ll need to connect a Facebook Ad account to HeyOrca.

Connect your Facebook Ad Account to your Calendar

Step 1: Head over to your Calendar settings section, and select the Ad Accounts Tab.

Image identifying the tab in the calendar settings where Ad accounts can be added.

Step 2: Click Add Facebook Ad Account to link your ad account to HeyOrca. You will be redirected to Facebook where you can select the Ad Account that you want to link to HeyOrca.

Image displaying the Add a Facebook Ad Account button.

When your Facebook Ad Account is connected, it should display in this section as below:

Image displaying an Ad account that's connected to the HeyOrca calendar.

Once you’ve connected your Ad Account, you can start using Post Promotion!

How to Promote your Posts in HeyOrca

Start with any current Facebook post that you’ve added to the calendar, or create a brand new Facebook post. You can also promote a previously published post from your calendar.

In the Post Editor of the post you select, you should see the Promote Post button in the post details section.

Image displaying the Promote Post button that can be seen when a post is previewed.

Click this button to get started!

Once you have clicked Promote Post you will see a number of different options in the Promote a Post window that will be needed to create your Ad. Here are the steps that you’ll need to take to Promote your post!

Step 1: Select the Ad Account you’d like to use to promote this post.

Click the drop down menu located under Ad Account to select one that you’ve previously connected to HeyOrca.

GIF displaying the steps to set up a promotion for a Facebook post.

Step 2: Select a Campaign that you want your ad to be pushed to.

You can click the drop down menu under Campaign to select an existing one from your current ad account, or you can create a new Facebook Ad Campaign from the Create New Campaign button highlighted in blue text above. If you’re not seeing the campaign that you want to select, you can use the Refresh button to update your list of campaigns.

GIF displaying the steps to set up a promotion for a Facebook post.

You will need to name your campaign and choose from the list of supported objectives, which include:

  • Sales

  • Traffic

  • Awareness

  • App Promotion

  • Engagement

  • Leads

When you create a new Ad Campaign in HeyOrca, it will be set to live when your post is published.

Step 3: Select the audience that you want this post to be promoted to.

Audiences must be created in Ads manager prior to promoting in HeyOrca.

You will be able to select any of your pre-saved audiences or custom audiences in the Audience drop down menu. You can click Manage on Facebook to manage or edit your current audiences.

GIF displaying the steps to set up a promotion for a Facebook post.

Note: If your ad is targeting the EU, you will see two new fields: Beneficiary and Payor.

Image identifying the Beneficiary and Payor settings that must be filled before setting a post promotion.

Beneficiary - is the person or organization who is benefitting from the Ad. Payor refers to the person or organization paying for the ad.

Step 4: Set your budget.

The minimum ad spend per day must be met in order to promote the post. The minimum spend may be different depending on the objective of the campaign. Learn more on how minimum spend and budgets work within the campaigns.

The Estimated Spend is how much that will be spent over the period of time that you’ve allocated.

GIF displaying the steps to set up a promotion for a Facebook post.

Note: Your Budget is set to the Ad Set Level in HeyOrca.

***A new Ad Set will be created for each promoted post you create in HeyOrca, within your new campaign, or the existing campaign that you’ve chosen.

Campaign optimization will override the ad set budget. For example, if the estimated spend is $100.00 per day in HeyOrca, but your daily budget on the campaign is $50, your ad will stop running once the budget hits $50.

Your budget and the minimum spend will be shown in the currency of your ad account.

Step 5: Set the Ad Live!

Toggle the Set Ad Live button to start running the ad as soon as the post is published. If you turn this toggle off, the post will be published in the Paused state in your ads manager.

Toggle the Publish to Page button to have the post show up on your Facebook page. If the toggle is turned off, the post will be run as an ad, but the post itself will be designated as a Dark Post and will not actively show up on your Facebook page.

Once you have your parameters set, you’re all done!

When you schedule a promotion on your post, you’ll see a $ flag labelled on your post in the calendar so that you know what posts have been promoted from HeyOrca.

Once your post and ad go live, you will be able to view them by clicking the link in your post editor to view your post as well as view your live ad.

Pro-tip: You can also promote Facebook posts that have already been published to your feed! If you set the ad live, it will go live on your page right away. If you don’t set the ad live, it will be put in the Paused state.

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