How to Turn Off your Ad Blocker for HeyOrca

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In order for HeyOrca Post Promotion to work properly, you'll need to turn off your ad blocker extension for  😊

For AdBlock:

1. Click the AdBlock button.

2. Click the gear icon to access the settings page.

3. Click “Show ads on a webpage or domain” to expand it: 

4. Copy and paste into this text box and click the OK! button.

You should now see the url in the list of filters below: 

AdBlock will now not block FB ad previews from appearing in HeyOrca, but will still block them on other sites. Instead of the white hand inside a red octagon, you should now see a white thumbs-up inside a green octagon as shown below:

For Adblock Plus: 

Switch the power button symbol to the right to turn AdBlock Plus off for the site that you're currently on. 👍

Pro-Tip: If you follow the above instructions but do not see the green and white symbol, try restarting your browser or double-checking that the URL you pasted in is

There are many different ad blocker extensions so if you have a different one, check out the help site of your extension!

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