We know that it’s hard to manage and organize all of your outbound links for your Instagram brands and clients. That’s why at HeyOrca, you can use Bio Link so you can have a landing page where all of your links relating to your content are in one place!

Your posts can now be associated with outbound links so that your followers can click through your posts and access the content you’ve referenced to your page.

HeyOrca’s Bio Link also offers custom colours and multiple CTA buttons - these are available when you subscribe to HeyOrca Pro. Learn More about the HeyOrca Pro Package here!

There are two versions of HeyOrca Bio Link:

Standard Bio Link: All customers have access to this. You will be able to add links to your Instagram posts in the calendar and Instagram Grid Preview. 1 CTA button is available to customize with your link of choice. You will be able to copy your Bio Link from your Instagram Grid Preview to include in your Instagram Bio.

Bio Link Pro (Included in HeyOrca Pro): This option has the most customization! With Bio Link Pro, you will still be able to add your Instagram posts to links and in the Instagram Grid Preview. You will have multiple CTA options as well as the ability to customize the background colour of your link landing page. Each CTA button can also be a custom colour. You will be able to copy your Bio Link from your Instagram Grid Preview to include in your Instagram Bio.

There are two ways in which you can add links to your Bio Link:

Method 1: Adding Links from the HeyOrca Instagram Grid Preview. Click “Grid” on your calendar, and click an approval stage to view your upcoming future posts. On the right, you will see “Click to add link” to the right of each post:

Click these to type or copy and paste your link in this field. Once your post is published, your link will automatically be added to your Bio Link list of active links.

Method 2: Add your links individually to the calendar. Click on any Instagram post in the calendar, and you will have the option below the post editor to “Bio Link”.

Click the drop-down arrow to add your link, and click “Save” to save your changes. The link will go live to your Bio Link landing page once the post is published.

Editing your Bio Link Landing Page

Step 1: In order to access your bio link settings, click on the “Grid” button on your calendar:

Step 2: Click the Settings gear to access your Bio Link Settings:

Your Bio Link settings are where you can edit colors, current display options, and your CTA buttons. You can also copy your Bio Link from this page to easily place it in your Instagram Bio later.

Here’s an explanation of what you can do with the Bio Link Settings Page:

Make sure to Activate your Bio Link so that you can start using it with your posts! Make sure the toggle is set to blue as shown below to activate your Bio Link.

Address: The link that you copy and paste into your Instagram Bio so that your followers can access your post-related links.

Enlarge First Image (Pro Feature): This allows your most recent post to appear bigger than the rest of your posts to attract attention. You can turn this on or off with the check box to the right of this option. A preview of your post caption will also display as shown below if you choose to enable this option.

Page Background Color (Pro Feature): The color that your bio link landing page will be when it is clicked.

CTA Buttons: These would be your main buttons that appear at the top right of your bio link landing page. They will appear on the top right of your landing page:

Published Posts in your Instagram Grid Preview

You can now see your Published Instagram Posts that you’ve verified with HeyOrca on the Instagram Grid Preview.

You will see the published posts for Instagram highlighted in blue, or white, as shown below when you have selected “Published Posts”:

​​When the “Published Posts” toggle is off, posts will be pulled in from Instagram directly, but the filter for posts published from HeyOrca will be turned off.

This means that HeyOrca will not show any posts that are marked as published in HeyOrca but have not been verified through HeyOrca. Learn more about Post Verification in HeyOrca here!

Here is what each color indication means:

Only Blue: Published or Notified in HeyOrca but either has been deleted on Instagram or not yet verified in HeyOrca.

Instagram logo only: Post was pulled in from Instagram and either scheduled/published outside of HeyOrca or manually published but not yet verified in HeyOrca.

Blue + Instagram logo: Published from HeyOrca and Verified in Instagram.

Have more questions? Reach out to support@heyorca.com anytime👌

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