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How to Create and Import Canva Designs
How to Create and Import Canva Designs

Create amazing graphics for your posts easily with the Canva button!

Updated over a week ago

If you are a Canva user, you already know how simple it is to create amazing and stunning graphics for your social posts and business! With the Canva button, you can use your previous designs and create new ones without having to leave your post! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Use Canva in Your Posts

โ€‹Step 1: Create a new post on your calendar, or edit an existing post.ย 

Step 2: Click the Canva logo located on the bottom of your post, next to the Copy button (make sure you are signed into Canva on your Desktop, or Canva will prompt you to login):ย 

Image identifying the Canva icon on a HeyOrca post.

Step 3: Once Canva loads, you can create your new post graphic, or select one from your previous designs!

GIF displaying the steps to open and navigate the Canva integration on a post.

Step 4: Click Attach to post (or Export to Canva within your media library) within the Canva window, and your design will be uploaded to your post! If you need to edit the image afterwards, you can still do so from the Image Editor in HeyOrca.

GIF displaying the navigation of the Canva integration and downloading of an image for a post.

Congratulations! Your Canva design has been added directly to your post! ๐ŸŽ‰

Pro Tip: You can also edit images uploaded to the post creation page and existing designs directly in Canva by clicking 'Edit Design' as shown below!

Image displaying the Canva button on the image of a post.

Use Canva in Your Media Library

If you want to edit a previous design that you made within HeyOrca + Canva Integration, you can head over to your media library, click the three dots on a design, and choose Edit Design.

Image displaying where to access the Canva integration through an image in the media library.

Here are a few things to note about the limitations of the Canva Button:

  • Canva may charge your account twice for premium assets, because uploading existing designs will create a copy in HeyOrca. Creating copies or changing designs that have premium assets or elements in Canva will require you to pay for the assets again.ย 

  • Canva will not save a design created in HeyOrca to your Canva design library. It can only upload whatever is created directly to the post. However, it will be saved within your HeyOrca Media Library and you can make edits to that design from here at anytime.

  • Premium Canva features, such as resizing, are not available through the Canva button. You will be able to access Pro Templates and Pro Designs.

  • Some features of the Canva Integration are still within the Beta stages on Canva's website and are subject to change, and features may become available or removed at any time.

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