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How to Use HeyOrca’s Hashtag Library
How to Use HeyOrca’s Hashtag Library

Curate your hashtags into groups and use them on your posts!

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With HeyOrca’s Hashtag Library, you’ll be able to:

  • Access a library of hashtags to save time and increase engagement

  • Edit and Manage your Hashtag Library Groups

  • Customize your Hashtag Groups for your Social Accounts

  • Add one or All hashtags to a post on your calendar

It’s super easy to add Hashtags to your library, as well as curate your hashtags over time!

How to Use the Hashtag Library (Video)

How to access your Hashtag Library

Step 1: From your HeyOrca Calendar, Click New Post on any day, or click to edit an existing post.

Step 2: From your post editor, click the hashtag button (located below the emoji button) or the hashtag located on the post editor bar.

Image identifying the Hashtag icon on a HeyOrca post.

Step 3: Your hashtag library will appear. Click All Hashtags to view all hashtags you have created.

Image displaying the Hashtag library saved on a calendar.

Step 4: Click Add Hashtag Group to create a new group for your hashtags. You can pull hashtags into your group from the list that you’ve already created to save time!

Image displaying the pop up that appears where you can add a Hashtag group.

Click on any of the individual hashtags will add them to your current post. Click the group will add that entire group of hashtags to your post.

GIF displaying the steps of selecting hashtags from the hashtag library to add them to a post caption.

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