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How to Generate and Add Hashtag Suggestions to Your Content!
How to Generate and Add Hashtag Suggestions to Your Content!

Kick your hashtag strategy up a notch with high-quality AI-generated hashtags

Updated over a week ago

Tired of spending time finding inspiration and generating new hashtags for your content strategy? Now you don't have to! With HeyOrca's Hashtag Suggestions, AI does the heavy lifting and provides you with unique and tailored hashtags based off the content of your post's caption!

Step 1: Open your post

To begin using Hashtag Suggestions, open up an existing post, or create a new post! Hashtag Suggestion are available on all post types so you can take inspiration no matter where you're posting!

Step 2: Fill out your caption

Our Hashtag Suggestions feature reads and analyzes the content of your caption, and takes in other factors such as any location mentioned and your channel name to generate relevant hashtag suggestions for you!

The more information you provide in your caption, the more tailored your suggestions will be.

Step 2: Open the Hashtag Library

Once you've entered in your caption, select on the hashtag library icon by clicking the # button within the text box.

The Hashtag Library can also be opened from the toolbar located under your post!

Step 3: Click on the Suggestions tab

Once your Hashtag library is opened, select the Suggestions tab. Our AI powered Suggestions feature will analyze your content and provide you with tailored suggestion!

Step 4: Select your desired Suggestions

In the suggestions tab, you'll be prompted with a list of suggestions based on their relevance. The suggestions will be listed in order of high relevance, medium relevance and low relevance.

To add suggestions to your post, click on the ones you want to add. Selected hashtags will be highlighted blue to indicate they've been selected.

Once you're happy with the selection, hit Add to Post to add them to your content!

Regenerate your Suggestions

If you'd like to get a new set of suggestions, click the circular arrow to Regenerate your list of suggestions.

Adding Suggestions to a Group

Want to save your generated suggestions within an existing group, or create a new one? It's as easy as 1,2,3!

To add your suggestions to an existing group, begin by choosing your desired hashtags. With your suggestions selected, press Add to Hashtag Group. In the next menu, you can select the group you want to add these hashtags to.

Press Add to save your changes!

Hashtag Suggestions can also be used to create a new group to save. To do so, select Create Hashtag Group after you've selected your hashtags to add your hashtags and give your group a name!

Once added, your group will be visible in the Hashtag Groups tab where it can be used for future posts!

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