Create a Pinterest Pin in HeyOrca

Start posting to Pinterest in HeyOrca!

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Here’s how to get started with creating your Pinterest content in HeyOrca! 🎉

Step 1: Connect your Pinterest Account. Not sure how to do this? Check out our article to connect a Pinterest account.

Step 2: Create a new post in HeyOrca. Choose your Pinterest account to publish with.

The account selection menu, with an arrow pointing to the Pinterest account.

Step 3: Add your content!

For your Images, Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio (e.g. 1,000 x 1,500 pixels). Other ratios may cause your Pin to truncate, or may negatively impact performance.

GIF showing selecting a Pinterest Account, adding an image and post content.

Pins have more options that you can add, such as a heading, a URL link, as well as being able to add this pin to an existing board on your account.

Screenshot of information added to a Pinterest post, including board, pin title and link.

Learn more about Pinterest's Best Practices to help increase the performance of your content!

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