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Calendar Best Practices & Advanced Features
Calendar Best Practices & Advanced Features

Save and Time and Energy with Our Best Practices & Advanced Features

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Using Post Tags for Categorizing, Strategizing, & OrganizationSimplifying Your Content Planning Strategy
Exporting Content from HeyOrcaHow to export content from HeyOrca into an Excel spreadsheet
Copying Posts to Different Social AccountsHow to use the copy function to copy posts from one social account to another!
Copying Posts Across Calendars with the Advanced Copy FunctionCopy your content from one calendar to another
Categorizing Your Content with Post Campaigns and TagsHow to use campaigns to organize your content
Using Filters to Easily Sort and View ContentOrganize and filter your posts with handy filters
Optimize your content schedule with Best Times to PostReceive posting time suggestions based on your past performance
Using Event Strips for High Level Strategizing and CommunicationUsing Event Strips to complement your social media strategy
Creating Recurring EventsStay organized and efficient by visualizing your clients social strategy with event strips!
Create Evergreen Content in HeyOrcaBuilding a bank of content that can be reused again and again!
How to Delete a Calendar in HeyOrcaRemove old calendars in a flash, and make space for new clients!