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Export Content from HeyOrca

How to export content from HeyOrca into an Excel spreadsheet

Updated over a week ago

You can export your content to a spreadsheet from either the Month or Day view - up to 200 posts at a time!

Step 1: ​Choose Select date range to select all the content for a chosen time period. 


Select specific posts by checking the box to the left of the post. In month view, select all the posts for a particular day by selecting the checkmark in the top left corner of the specific date.

Step 2: Under your Bulk Actions drop-down, select the Export functionality:

Screen recording that shows selecting multiple posts and event strips on various days, then selecting Bulk Actions and highlight the Export XLS button

...and that's it! The spreadsheet should then download to your computer. 😊

*If the spreadsheet doesn’t download, check for a pop-blocker, often seen in the right-hand corner of your URL bar.

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