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Copy Posts to Different Social Accounts and Calendars
Copy Posts to Different Social Accounts and Calendars

How to use the copy function to copy posts from one social account to another!

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Copy Posts to Different Social Accounts

On the individual post level, use the copy post button to copy your post to another connected social account:

Once the copy button is pressed, a new pop-up window will open, enabling you to copy your posts to any or all your social accounts connected on your calendar.

To copy posts to multiple channels at once, you can select each channel that you want to copy that post to in the pop-up menu.

Screen recording that displays clicking on a Facebook post that's scheduled on the calendar to open the Post View, then clicking the "Copy Post" and selecting LinkedIn and Instagram to duplicate the post on these accounts

You can also copy posts in bulk, using Bulk Actions. This will allow you to copy multiple posts to a single channel, or multiple channels.

Screen recording that selects two Facebook posts from the Calendar View, then using the Bulk Actions icon, the user selects Bulk Copy and duplicates the posts to LinkedIn and Instagram

Copy Posts to Other Calendars

If your content is relevant across multiple client calendars, you can easily copy it across calendars without having to recreate it!

Step 1: Select the post you want to copy to another calendar, and using the copy button, navigate to “Advanced Copy”

Step 2: A pop-up will appear, prompting you to choose the calendar you’d like to copy your content to for publishing.

Step 3: Choose each calendar you’d like to copy the content to, and even copy it with a specific tag on the new calendar.

You can copy any Post Tags associated with that post, and the current Post Stage.

Screen recording of a Facebook post in Post View where the user clicks the Copy Post button, then selects Advanced Copy to copy the Facebook post to another Calendar on the account

Pro-tip: Use Advanced Copy to copy multiple posts at once to other teams using Bulk Actions.

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