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Use Bulk Actions to Maximize Efficiency
Use Bulk Actions to Maximize Efficiency

Edit multiple posts at the same time with bulk actions

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How to Use Bulk Actions (Video)

Using Bulk Actions in HeyOrca, you can:

  1. Set the stage (Draft, Awaiting Approval, Multi-Approval, Approved, Rejected) of multiple posts,

  2. Delete multiple posts (careful!),

  3. Copy multiple posts from one social account to another,

  4. Copy multiple posts from one calendar to another,

  5. And export multiple posts to an excel spreadsheet.

To use Bulk Actions, in either the Month or Day view, start by clicking the checkboxes or Select date range:

In the Month View, check the box next to the posts on your calendar you’d like to action on. If you want to select all posts for one day, select the box at the top of the day:

In the Day View check the box next to the posts you’d like to action on:

Once you have your content selected, use the Bulk Actions dropdown to make the changes you’d like:

​You can now also Bulk Move posts within the calendar!

Note: Currently the limit to how many items that you can use on a bulk action is 200 (ie. You can copy up to 200 posts at a time, but also please note the more large the content is to copy or bulk action, the longer the process will take).

How to Use Bulk Create

Using Bulk Create allows you to add empty posts in bulk to your calendar, to see your entire social schedule built out, before you fill those posts with content.

From either the Month or Day view, click the + button in the top right corner, then click Bulk Create Posts.

Select the channel(s) you would like to create posts for and choose your dates and times. Set this schedule for only one week, or have it repeat weekly or bi-weekly.

Pro-tip: View your newly made schedule from the Month view to see your content schedule at a high level, and then navigate to the Day view to quickly scroll and fill your posts with text and media.

Copy Posts to Multiple Social Channels

Using the multi-channel copy feature in HeyOrca will be able to save you time in your day when organizing your content! 🙌

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to copy your post to multiple channels at once!

Step 1: Select your post on the calendar:

Step 2: From the top Navigation bar, click Bulk Actions:

Step 3: From the drop down menu, select Copy posts to:

Step 4: Select the pages that you want to copy to, then click Copy the post to 3 accounts.

Step 5: Your posts have been copied to the calendar! 🎉

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