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Create, Schedule and Comment on Posts

Learn how to create a post in month and day view and by dragging and dropping your media!

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You can create posts by dragging and dropping your media right from your computer to your desired day! You can also create a new post using the 'New Post' and 'Create Post' buttons located on your calendar.

Posts can be created from both the Month and Day views in HeyOrca - choose the view that works for you!

Create a Post in Month View

Drag and Drop Your Media to Create a Post

To create a new post using the drag-and-drop function, simply drag your media to any day on your calendar! From there, you can select your desired publishing time and channel!

To add additional media to your post, you can also drag and drop media right to your post preview!

Use the New Post Button

On the day you would like to schedule a post, select New Post:

Image displaying the New Post button in HeyOrca.

Or in the Nav bar, you can select the blue + button in the top right-hand corner:

Image displaying the top bar to create a post in HeyOrca, with a dropdown of options to create a post.

From here, you can also do the following actions:

Select your social account, date, and time, and select Create Post:

Create a Post in Day View

On the day you would like to schedule a post, select New Post. When the new post populates, you can change the social account by selecting the icon on the left, and editing the time and date by clicking on the assigned date:

Screenshot identifying the New Post button in the Day View of HeyOrca.

Pro Tip: Using the Bulk Create Posts feature, you can efficiently schedule multiple posts in just a few simple clicks!

Comment on Posts

The comments section attached to every post can be used to leave notes and collaborate (in real-time!) as you build out content as a team:

To make it even easier, you can @mention team members in your comments too. They’ll receive an in-app and email notification letting them know you've left a comment for them.

Post Modal displaying a scheduled post with an image.

Collaborate with Internal Members

To leave comments for internal members, you'll need to ensure you're currently on the 'Internal' tab.

You can then leave any relevant comments, and tag your internal team members by using the @ symbol followed by their name!

Image displaying the internal comments area on a HeyOrca post.

Note: By default, Internal team members will be notified when someone leaves a comment in the 'Internal' tab on any posts in the calendar.

Collaborate with External Members

Want to leave a comment for an external member? By default, comments are visible internally only. To leave a comment that your external members can see, click on the ‘Everyone’ tab before you begin writing.

Image displaying the external comments area on a HeyOrca post.

Note: External stakeholders will receive a notification if they are tagged via a mention in the 'everyone' section of the post comment section. If they reply to the comment or leave a general comment that is not a reply, they will continue to receive email notifications for future comments made on that post.

Edit & Delete Comments

Want to edit, or delete a comment? Use the ellipsis button to edit/delete a comment:

Image displaying a comment left by a team member on a HeyOrca post.

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