Here's how to connect any social account to your calendar and how to find your page for each network.

Step 1: Go to the Calendar Settings page by clicking the gear icon on your dashboard or in the left hand navigation bar from any other page in HeyOrca.

Step 2: Choose what type of account you would like to connect to that calendar.

We currently support Direct Publishing for the following social media networks:

  • Facebook Pages

  • Twitter Profiles

  • Instagram Business Pages (single image and single video)

  • LinkedIn Personal, Showcase, and Company Pages

  • Google My Business

  • Pinterest

Step 3: Make sure you have the right permissions.

  • Facebook - Admin or Editor on the Facebook page.

  • Instagram Business - Admin or Editor on the Facebook page that is connected to the Instagram Business account.

  • LinkedIn Company and Showcase - You need to be a Content Admin or a Super Admin on the LinkedIn Page.

  • Twitter, LinkedIn Personal, Instagram Personal Google My Business, Pinterest - Must be logged in to the account you are trying to connect to HeyOrca in your browser.

Step 4: You will be redirected from HeyOrca to the social network you are trying to connect to authorize the connection.

Step 5: Choose the page that you want to connect and that's it!

Then you'll be redirected back to your settings page to add more accounts.

Not Seeing the Page You're Looking For?

For Facebook and Instagram Business:

Step 1: Click “Edit Settings” on this page.

Step 2: Make sure ALL pages are selected, then click “Next.” For Instagram, you will see 2 pages like this - one for Facebook and one for Instagram.

Step 3: Make sure all these options are turned on and click done!

For Twitter, Instagram Personal, Google My Business and LinkedIn Personal:

Step 1: Open a separate browser tab and log in to the account you are trying to connect.

Step 2: Go back to HeyOrca and try to connect the account again.

Want to connect a Google My Business page to HeyOrca? Click here for more info!

Need to plan for another network or don't have publishing permissions for the account?

Try a Placeholder Account.

Connect Placeholder Accounts to act as placeholders on your calendar. Plan your content for channels like TikTok, Reddit or even blog posts!

Collaborate with team members on edits, and send to your clients for approval. The only difference is you’ll have to publish placeholder content manually.

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