How to Schedule Instagram Reels from HeyOrca

Collaborate and schedule your reels all in HeyOrca’s Content Calendar!

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Learn how to schedule your Instagram Reels content from HeyOrca so you can collaborate, plan your content, and get feedback in the HeyOrca calendar!

Note: Reels direct publishing is avaialbe for Instagram professional accounts (business and creator). Click here to learn how to get your account connected as a professional account!

Here’s how to get started with your Instagram Reels.

Step 1: Create an Instagram Post on the calendar, or edit an existing post in the calendar.

Step 2: In the post type section, click the drop-down menu and change the “post” to “Reels”. This will format your post so that it is cropped to the dimensions you need for posting. Your Reels posts will be labelled on the calendar to differentiate them from other Instagram posts.

Step 3: Edit your Reel! You will be able to add multiple pieces of media. You’ll be able to get your approvals from your team as well as make comments or leave feedback!

Click here to learn how to upload your own custom thumbnails!

Here's a video tutorial on scheduling an Instagram Reel from the calendar!

Step 4: When your Reel is scheduled, it will be published automatically from your calendar!

Here are some things to note when publishing Instagram Reels:

  • Reels are shared on your feed automatically and will appear in the Grid view, as long as they are directly published

  • Only Instagram professional (business and creator) accounts that are enabled for direct publishing will be able to show upcoming Reels in the Instagram Grid Preview

  • You can choose a thumbnail from the video and upload your own custom thumbnail as your cover photo

  • Reels published through HeyOrca will be original audio (we aren’t able to choose trending audio at this time)

  • You can publish Reels up to 15 mins, but between 5 seconds & 90 seconds is recommended

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