Instagram First Comment allows you to declutter your post copy and automatically post a first comment that contains hashtags or gets the conversation started on social!

Here's how to start scheduling your first comments.

Step 1: Create a new Instagram post on the content calendar, or, open an existing Instagram post.

Step 2: In the Post Editor, scroll down to the bottom of your post. You’ll see an additional text box with “Click to add First Comment”. Add your desired caption in this section.

You’re done! Once you have your caption entered in the First Comment section, it will be automatically posted as the first comment to your post once published to your account!

Note: The following Instagram publishing limits will apply to First Comments:

  • 200 character limit for the First comment section

  • A maximum of 30 unique hashtags can be added between your post caption and first comment

Before you get started, make sure to reauthorize your Instagram Business account that you want to use First Comment with to update your account. Learn how to do this here.

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