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Adjusting the Default Publishing Time for a Selected Social Account
Adjusting the Default Publishing Time for a Selected Social Account

Learn how to set and change the default posting time for a specific account

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With Default Posting Times, you are able to:

  • Customize default post times for different clients and social accounts

  • Preset your clients posting schedule for your content creators

  • Quickly choose from your list of preset posting times

Here’s how to access your posting times!

First, Head over to your calendar settings (the Gear Icon in your calendar)

Then, Click the “Posting Times” tab in your settings:

From here, you will be able to select the social account that you would like to create your custom times for. Click the drop down menu in order to select a social account:

Now that you have your social account selected, let’s create our custom posting time!

You can select a day for each time, or if you’d like to keep all of your post times the same, click “Everyday” from the drop down menu:

Once you’ve chosen your day, now you can select your time. Click the time displayed, and you will be able to scroll and select the time you’d like to set:

Once you have selected your time, click “Add Post Time” and the time you have set will be saved in your schedule!

If you need to remove a time slot that you have created, hover over the time, and click the red “X” shown beside it.

Finally, create a post on any day in the calendar, and your first default posting time will be automatically selected!

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