Using the Instagram Grid Preview in HeyOrca

Use Grid View to visualize your posts on Instagram and stay on brand!

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See how your upcoming posts will look with published content on your client's Instagram profile with Instagram Grid view. You can also drag and drop Instagram posts around the grid to see how changing posting times can give the grid a better look!

Connect an Instagram account to HeyOrca to start using this feature!

Here's how to start using Grid View for your calendar:

Step 1: On the top navigation bar of the calendar, click "Grid":

Step 2: See how your upcoming scheduled posts in HeyOrca look with the current Instagram posts on your profile! If you don't see your grid, you may need to connect or reauthorize your Instagram account. You can do this by following the steps listed here.

Click the drop down menu next to the Instagram Account name in order to switch between Instagram accounts connected to your calendar:

Toggle on and off the approval stages so you can see how your newly created posts will change the look of your grid.

View the publishing times and approval stage of the posts in your grid in the post schedule. Drag and drop a post onto another post to switch their posting times and their place in the grid.

Looking to share your grid view with your team or clients? Click "Share" on the top right of the app and your unique Grid link will be generated for you to share with your team and clients!

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