Reauthorizing an Instagram page? Below are the steps on how to re-connect it within HeyOrca!

Step 1: Head over to your Reauthorization Dashboard by clicking the Red Warning symbol at the bottom of your navigation bar:

Step 2: When on your dashboard page, select the Instagram page you want to reconnect and click "reauthorize":

Make sure to click “Instagram Business” when you are redirected.

Step 3: Click “Continue as...” when Facebook opens in another tab. You can edit your page managing settings anytime by clicking "Edit Settings" to the right,

Note: Since Instagram is now a part of Facebook, all steps will need to be completed within Facebook, and will no longer require Instagram to open. All of your pages will show in your page list within facebook.

Step 4: You will be brought back to HeyOrca once the page has been fully reauthorized. 

You have successfully reconnected your Instagram page! 🎉

Have more questions? Reach out to anytime 👌

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