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Publish Multi-photo posts in LinkedIn with HeyOrca
Publish Multi-photo posts in LinkedIn with HeyOrca

Include multiple photos in your posts so that you can tell a visual story in LinkedIn!

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Here’s how to create multi-photo posts for your LinkedIn channel:

Step 1: From the calendar view, click “New Post”:

Step 2: Select the LinkedIn channel you wish to post from, and select your publishing time:

Step 3: In the post editor, click the “Add image” button:

Step 4: Select the photos that you want to add in the media library:

Step 5: Add multiple images by clicking the ‘+’ icon next to your uploaded photo:

⭐Pro-tip: You can also drag and rearrange your photos in this section to change the order in which your photos appear!

You now have a multi-photo LinkedIn post scheduled in HeyOrca! 🎉🙌

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