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Create and Publish LinkedIn Video Posts!
Create and Publish LinkedIn Video Posts!

Plan, review and schedule video posts for LinkedIn Company Pages!

Updated over a week ago

With HeyOrca!, you can easily publish videos to both your LinkedIn business and personal profiles! To begin creating your posts, head over to the calendar you'd like to create the post for!

Step 1: Create a post and choose your LinkedIn Company Page or Personal Page and select your desired publishing date.

Step 2: Click the video icon to upload your video.

GIF displaying the steps to create a post and add an image on HeyOrca calendar.

Step 3: Click Modify Video Details to give your video a title.

Image identifying the Modify Video Details button at the top of a video in a post.

Step 4: Add a caption for your video.

Image displaying the pop up that appears to change the title of the video when the Modify Video Details button is selected.

There you have it! 🤩 Your video has now been added! You can add in the rest of your post information such as your caption, links and hashtags.

Once you're ready you can schedule your content for publishing, or set it for approval for your internal team and clients!

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