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Approving Content Shared with You
Approving Content Shared with You

Learn how to mark a post as approved, or in need of revision for your team!

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If you've received content to approve via a sharable link, this guide will cover how you can approve or reject content as well as leave feedback for your team using our comments section!

To begin, click on the shareable link that was sent to you to access the content.

When you click the link, you'll be greeted with a page allowing you to select your name, to view the content designated for you.

In the calendar, you'll be able to view all the content that was shared with you via the link. To approve a post, click on the post tile in your calendar to open it up.

To approve a post, press the 'Approve' button on the right hand side.

Once a post is approved, it will published at it's scheduled time!

If you'd like to reject a post, and let your team know it needs a revision, select the 'Revise' button.

When a post has been marked as approved, or in need of a revision, your team will be notified on their end and will receive a notification in their email.

To leave direct feedback for you team, you can leave comments!

Comments can be entered in the text box on the right hand side of the page.

You can also tag members of your team in comments by pressing '@' followed by their name!

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