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Create & Schedule Posts in the Content Library
Create & Schedule Posts in the Content Library

Create a new post in the Content Library without requiring a scheduled date and time

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How to Create Evergreen Content (Video)

Create Posts in the Content Library

The Content Library is an unlimited storage space where you can create posts now, and schedule them later, store evergreen content to use again and again, or have content approved without worrying about late approvals.

Navigate to your content library by selecting the book-stack icon from the left navigation bar while any calendar is selected, and toggle to the Content section of your library:

a screen recording showing where to navigate to the media library


Use the Create Posts button in the top right of the screen to create new content, and even share it with your clients from this space for approval. 

Posts created in the Content Library will live in this space until you’re ready to copy it to your calendar for publishing. Schedule to your calendar by using the agenda button on any individual post:

a screenshot displaying the Agenda button within the post creation

Building out a large bank of pre-approved content will save you time and allow you to focus on the quality of the content you’re scheduling. Fill gaps in your social schedule, or finally take that vacation you’ve always talked about! 

Schedule Posts from the Content Library

Schedule posts directly from your Content Library, to your calendar for publishing.

After getting approval from your clients (or approving the post internally) you can easily schedule your post for publishing directly from the Content Library by clicking on the post, clicking on the calendar icon, and selecting the date and time.

a screen recording illustrating how to schedule posts directly from the content library

When you schedule a post, that post now lives in both the Content Library and in the Calendar Month and Day view.

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