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How To Use The AI Social Inbox Reply Generator!
How To Use The AI Social Inbox Reply Generator!

Easily Stay On Top of Your Social Inbox Using the Power of AI!

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How to Use AI Reply Generator (Video)

We understand that managing the constant stream of comments and mentions in your inbox can be tricky! That's why we created the AI-powered Social Inbox Reply Generator!

Say goodbye to time spent crafting the perfect response and hello to effortless engagement with the power of AI!

Learn more about the Social Inbox!

Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Navigate to your Social Inbox

To open up the social inbox, select the inbox button located on the left hand side of your dashboard!

Screenshot displaying the Inbox Icon from the Navigation bar. The icon has a red circle, signifiyng a new notification

Step 2: Select the Reply Button located underneath the comment or mention you'd like to respond to.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Response!

The AI powered generator will analyze the content in the comment or mention, and work to generate a smart response based that information!

Once the generator has analyzed the content and generated the responses, it will display three tailored sample responses that you can choose from!

Click on any of the responses to add them to the reply field and press send to reply!

You can also re-generate a new set of responses by pressing the re-generate button!

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