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Manage Your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Comments and Mentions in the Social Inbox
Manage Your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Comments and Mentions in the Social Inbox

Manage your social media comments and mentions in one place!

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HeyOrca's new social inbox allows you to easily stay on top of your social accounts by managing your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn comments and mentions directly from HeyOrca!

The social inbox feature will allow you and your team to:

  • View and reply to Facebook (organic and promoted posts) & Instagram comments

  • Hide or like Facebook comments

  • Filter your comments by social account

  • Sort from newest to oldest/oldest to newest

  • Resolve comments when you have actioned on them to clean up your comment feed.

  • Filter to show or hide resolved comments

  • View an expanded preview of the post with the relevant thread for more context

  • View a thumbnail of the post preview for context at a glance

Stop wasting time switching between social accounts and start managing all of your FB and IG comments in one place with Social Inbox!

*Now available on Pro plans!

To learn more about the social inbox feature, you can watch our video guide, or use our quick links to navigate the article!

Social Inbox Guide (Video)

How to Navigate the Social Inbox

The social inbox can be opened by pressing the Inbox button located on the right hand side of your calendar.

You'll then be presented by your social inbox!

The social inbox currently supports comments and mentions for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Hovering over the one of the social icons will open up the social inbox drawer.

To expand your social inbox drawer and view your comments and mentions, use the arrow to open up the drop down menu.

If you have multiple accounts for the same social platform connected on your calendar, a down menu will allow you to expand and close the comments and mentions for each account.

The total number of comments and mentions and DMs on your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn account will be indicated by the notification bubble beside the social account name.

Like, Reply, and Hide Comments

The social inbox will display comments that users have made on your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. For Facebook, the social inbox will display comments made on both organic and promoted posts.

To engage with your audience directly from HeyOrca, you have the ability to like comments as well as reply to them!

Note: At the moment, you can only like Facebook and LinkedIn comments, liking Instagram comments is not yet available.

To reply to a comment, press reply to open up the text box in which you can type out your response.

You can also add emojis and GIFs directly to your responses using the GIF and emoji picked on the right hand side of the text box!

You can also easily reply using our AI Reply Generator!

The AI powered generator will analyze the content in the comment or mention, and work to generate a smart response based that information! Once the generator has analyzed the content and generated the responses, it will display three tailored sample responses that you can choose from!

Click on any of the responses to add them to the reply field and press send to reply!

Learn more about the AI powered Social Inbox Reply Feature!

Pressing Hide Comment will hide that comment from the Social Inbox as well as from your social feed, making it invisible for users.

Clicking on the post will open up the post preview page where you can view the post as well as the comments similar to how they are on the social platform.

You can press the post link button to visit the post on the social platform.

View and Resolve Mentions

Anytime your Facebook / LinkedIn page or Instagram account is mentioned by another user, it will appear in the mentions tab.

Click Resolve when you have acted on the notification to remove it from your social inbox.

For Facebook and LinkedIn posts, you can like the mention directly from your social inbox by pressing Like

To view the post your page or account was mentioned on, press view post.

This will open up a new post preview window in which you view the mention, and open up the post by pressing the post link icon

Social Inbox Filters

The social inbox allows you to also filter by resolved comments and mentions to view instances where comments and mentions have been resolved by yourself, or your team.

To unresolve a comment or mention and return it to it's previous state, press the Unresolve button.

You can also sort your comments and mentions from newest to oldest, and oldest to newest.

Bulk Actions

The social inbox also allows you to perform bulk actions to manage your comments and mentions even more efficiently!

To activate the bulk actions features, select 2 or more posts using the square selection box located to the left of the post.You will be able to select up to a maximum of 50 comments and / or mentions at a time.

Once selected, use the bulk actions menu to resolve, unresolve, hide and unhide your Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn comments and mentions in bulk!

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