Tag Locations on Instagram & Geo-Tag on Facebook

Tag a location to Increase visibility and engagement of your brand

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Tag Locations on Instagram

You can tag areas or places in your Instagram posts so that your post will appear when a user searches by that location!

Here’s how to add locations to your Instagram Post:

Step 1: Create a new Instagram Post on your calendar or edit an existing post, and then upload a video to your post.

Step 2: Click the tag icon located within the post editor bar. This will let you type a location, and then select it once it is populated in the drop down list.

GIF displaying the steps to add a location to an Instagram post.

Step 3: Once you have selected a location, that location will save to your post. You can click the trash can beside the location name to remove it from your post.

Your location will also appear below your Instagram page’s name at the top of the Instagram post mockup.

This feature is only available for directly published posts. Learn more about direct publishing to Instagram in HeyOrca.

Target your Facebook Audience with Geo-Tags

Our Geo Tagging feature helps augment your engagement within your current audience based by location. If someone engages with the post, their connections may also see it in their newsfeed if you choose a particular location to tag by!

Here's how to start using the Geo-Tagging feature:

Step 1: Create a new Facebook Post on your content calendar, or open an existing Facebook Post that hasn't been published yet.

Step 2: In the post editor, click on the target button to the right of the Shorten URL button.

Image identifying the Geo-Tag button on a HeyOrca Facebook post.

Step 3: Enter the location that you'd like to apply, as well as a language.

​Once you start typing the name of the location, you will start to see suggestions that populate in a drop down menu. Select the name from the drop down menu of the location that you'd like to tag.

Selecting a language is optional. We can tag by countries, cities, states and regions, but not to a street name or public place or establishment.

Step 4: Click Update Targeting once you are happy with your selections, and your location and language (if applicable) will display to the right of the target button. The target will turn blue in color once targeting has been applied to a post.

If you'd like to remove the targeting that you have applied, click on the location that you chose and then click the x as shown below:

GIF displaying the steps to add a Geo-Tag location to a Facebook post.

Congrats, you've just tagged a location on your Facebook Post! 🙌

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