Instagram publishing works a little differently in HeyOrca. You can create, edit, and approve your posts within HeyOrca and 5 minutes before the post is scheduled to go out you will get an email and/or mobile notification as a reminder!

As HeyOrca works towards obtaining an Instagram partnership, it is important to note that current partners of Instagram are also limited only to direct publishing of single image posts and videos. Many platforms have similar alternate methods like the HeyOrca mobile app that act as reminders to publish multi-photo and story posts.

We've compiled all the information you will need in this article on how you can start posting to Instagram in HeyOrca.

You can post to Instagram 3 different ways in HeyOrca: By using the HeyOrca Mobile App, by downloading them from your email, or by using our Buffer Integration for single image posts.

Here is a quick overview of what you can do in HeyOrca with Instagram:

Click here on how to post to Instagram from the HeyOrca app

Click here on how to post to Instagram from your emails

Click here on how to post to Instagram via the Buffer Integration

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