For each of the social networks supported by HeyOrca, you can tag either business pages or profiles when creating posts, and have that tag go live once the post is published.

The ability to tag acts a little differently for each social network:


Based on Facebook’s restrictions surrounding privacy regulations, there are now three ways to tag a Facebook business page:

1.) Type @pagename 

  • (ie. @heyorca - for the tag to work, the @pagename has to be the exact vanity name of a Facebook Business Page)


2.) If there is no Business Page tag set up, type ‘@’ followed by the URL of the Facebook Page


3.) Type @ followed by the page name and add a "-" between the words. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of handles to select.

  • ex. @Walt-Disney-World

*This option will only work if the page name has two or more words.


If you still can’t find the page you need to tag, please try the following steps: 

Step one: Go to and paste the url of the Facebook page you would like to tag into the search bar:

Then click "Find numeric ID" and it will generate the page ID:

Step 2: Go to HeyOrca and select the post you would like to tag the page on. In the copy, you will need to type the following: 

Please make sure you have the correct spelling and have capital/lowercase letters and spaces where they should be. Here is an example of how it will appear:

Then when you click outside of the copy, the tag will populate:

You can click on the tag directly in HeyOrca to make sure you have tagged the correct page. If you are still having trouble tagging a Facebook page then please reach out to us at!

When tagging pages, you will need to type the page name rather than the page's handle in order to get the page to populate on the list.

For example, whatever is displayed as the page's name is what you should start typing:


Type @ and the Twitter handle. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of handles to select. If Twitter does not suggest the handle you’re looking for, as  long as the @tag is typed correctly, it will still act as a tag when the post goes live.


Based on the current restrictions of Instagram’s API, tagging for Instagram works a little differently. When you type @ and the handle of the profile you’re looking to post, you won’t have the option to choose from a list of suggested profiles, but as long as the handle is correct when the post is published, the tag will be live.


You can tag LinkedIn business pages within HeyOrca. Type @ and the name of the business page, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of handles to select.

Rather than typing the exact handle that appears in the URL for that profile, you will need to type the actual name referenced with that page.

Example: Instead of using the handle @heyorca123 to tag a company page, you will need to type "@heyorca" instead to generate the tag for that company page.

*If the page name is two words, you need to add a "-" between the words for the page tag to pick up.

ex. @dairy-queen

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