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Tagging Pages & Social Accounts on Supported Platforms
Tagging Pages & Social Accounts on Supported Platforms

Tag, engage, and highlight other account types in your HeyOrca posts!

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For each of the social networks supported by HeyOrca, you can tag either business pages or profiles when creating posts, and have that tag go live once the post is published. The ability to tag acts a little differently for each social network.

Click on each section of the article to learn more about tagging pages and social accounts:

Tagging Facebook Pages
Tagging Twitter Profiles
Tagging Instagram Accounts


Based on Facebook’s restrictions surrounding privacy regulations, there are now three ways to tag a Facebook business page:

1. Type @pagename (ie. @heyorca - for the tag to work, the @pagename has to be

the exact name of a Facebook Business Page)


2. If there is no Business Page tag set up, type ‘@’ followed by the URL of the Facebook Page


3. Type @ followed by the page name and add a "-" between the words. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of handles to select (IE. @Walt-Disney-World).

*This option will only work if the page name has two or more words.

X (Twitter)

Type @ and the account username/handle into your caption.

Twitter no longer supports the option to view search results when tagging other accounts in posts. As long as you include the @ symbol, followed by the correct username/handle, the account will be tagged once the post is published!

For best results, we recommend copying and pasting the Twitter handle you're looking to tag to ensure it's accurate.


Based on the current restrictions of Instagram’s API, tagging for Instagram works a little differently. When you type @ and the handle of the profile you’re looking to post, you won’t have the option to choose from a list of suggested profiles, but as long as the handle is correct when the post is published, the tag will be live.

You can also tag photos in your Instagram posts and Reels! To tag images and reels for direct publishing you'll need to have an Instagram Business account connected to your calendar! Learn how to tag your Instagram photos here.


Similar to Instagram posts, to tag someone on a TikTok post, you'll need to type @ followed by their TikTok handle. When typing it in, it won't display a list of suggested profiles, but as long as the TikTok handle is correct, the user will be tagged once the post is live.


You can tag LinkedIn business pages and personal accounts* within HeyOrca!

Type @ and the name of the business page, and a drop-down menu will appear with a list of handles to select.

Using the exact handle of the LinkedIn Page (ie. will help narrow the results to your page.

Note: Due to restrictions from LinkedIn, you can only tag personal profiles from a company page, and the profile must be a follower of your page.

*If the page name is two words, you need to add a "-" between the words for the tag to pick up.

ex. @dairy-queen

I can't find the Facebook page I want to feature on my posts - What do I do?

When tagging pages, you will need to type the page name rather than the page's handle in order to get the page to populate on the list.

For example, whatever is displayed as the page's name is what you should start typing:

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