Post stages let you quickly see how far along your team and clients are with reviewing your posts. You’ll be able to see if the post is still being worked on, ready for review, if the post has been approved (or needs revision), or if it’s been published.

Click on the Post Stage button to get a drop-down menu where you can change the stage of the post. If you’ve just created the post, the stage defaults to ‘Draft’:

Approval Stages:

Each stage is colour-coded. (You’ll see how this will come in handy at the end of this guide 😊)


The post is still being created and not yet ready for review by your team or clients:

Awaiting Approval

The post is ready for your team and/or client’s review, once you change a post to ‘Awaiting Approval’ the Approve and Revise buttons will also appear:


Pro Tip: Set a post to “Multi-Approval” by clicking on the gear icon that appears when a post is set to “Awaiting Approval”. Now you can choose multiple internal and external members who need to approve the post before it goes live, or select one individual in particular:


Congratulations! Your post has been approved and will publish automatically at the scheduled time:

Needs Revision

When a post has been set to revise, it will not publish at its scheduled date and time.

Pro-tip: The comments section on each post is a great place for your team to leave feedback on why a post needs revision.

Your hard work has paid off! The post is now live on the social network (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) or sent to your email or mobile app to post (Instagram).

Click the ‘view post’ button to be taken directly to the social channel where you can view your post:

Once you familiarize yourself with the various stages, you can also see the status of each post-at-a-glance by looking at the post-stage colour code on the monthly view. 

Grey: Draft  
Yellow: Awaiting Approval  
Red: Needs Revision
Green: Approved

: Published 

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