For each of the social channels supported by HeyOrca, you can tag either business pages or profiles when creating posts, and have that tag go live once the post is published.

The ability to tag acts a little differently for each social channel:


Based on Facebook’s restrictions surrounding privacy regulations, there are now two ways to tag a Facebook business page:

1.) Type @pagename 

  • (ie. @heyorca - for the tag to work, the @pagename has to be the exact vanity name of a Facebook Business Page)


2.) If there is no Business Page tag set up, type ‘@’ followed by the URL of the Facebook Page


Type @ and the Twitter handle. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of handles to select. If Twitter does not suggest the handle you’re looking for, as  long as the @tag is typed correctly, it will still act as a tag when the post goes live.


Based on the current restrictions of Instagram’s API, tagging for Instagram works a little differently. When you type @ and the handle of the profile you’re looking to post, you won’t have the option to choose from a list of suggested profiles, but as long as the handle is correct when the post is published, the tag will be live.


You can tag LinkedIn business pages within a LinkedIn Business page or LinkedIn Personal page post. Type @ and the name of the business page, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of handles to select.

* If the page name is two words, you need to add a "-" between the words for the page tag to pick up.
ex. @dairy-queen

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