Scheduling and Publishing Your Threads Content!

Preview and Schedule your Threads with HeyOrca Notifications!

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Want to master your Threads workflow to rock this new platform and optimize your team's strategy? With HeyOrca's Threads publishing, now you can!

Easily create, plan and publish your Threads content using our mobile app and email notifications now available for Threads placeholder accounts! While direct publishing is not yet available for Threads, our notification based publishing allows you to quickly and easily recieve your content to publish via the Threads mobile or browser app.

Check out step video guide, or step by step guide below to learn how to start publishing your Threads content!

Note: Due to restrictions from Meta we cannot connect directly to your Threads account, therefore HeyOrca publishes your Threads content using a Placeholder Account.

Step 1: Connect Your Threads Placeholder Account

To connect your Threads account, head over to your calendar settings page by clicking on the gear icon. The calendar settings page is where you can add and manage all of your connected accounts.

Select the 'Add Threads' button to connect your Threads Placeholder Account.

In the box labeled channel title, enter your Threads account name.

Once you're happy with your account, press 'Save' to add your account!

Click here to view a detailed guide on Threads Placeholder Accounts!

Step 2: Select your Notification Receiver & Notification Type

Once your Threads account has been connected, you can select your email, or one of your team members' emails to from the drop down list to be the notification receiver for the Threads account.

Select your preferred notification delivery method by using the second menu! You can choose the notification to be delivered by email, or by the HeyOrca mobile app, or choose to be notified by both!

HeyOrca Notifications will send your content, including your media and caption to the email or HeyOrca mobile app of the user selected. From there, you'll be able to download and publish your content to your Threads account!

Step 3: Create and Schedule Your Content

With the account now added and your notification method and receiver selected, you can begin planning and publishing your Threads content!

Select the 'Create Post' button located on the top of your calendar to begin creating a post. You can upload and add your content, plan out your caption and preview your Threads content to ensure it's perfect!

ProTip: Easily create engaging captions with the power of AI using our AI caption generator available for all users! Click here to learn more!

Once you're happy with your post, you can go ahead and schedule your content by selecting the time you'd like to publish it for. Once the selected time approaches, your content will be sent via the chosen notification method to the chosen receiver.

Step 4: Publish Your Post!

The mobile notifications can be used to post via the Threads app on your device and the email notifications can be used for when you'd like to post your content via your Threads browser.

Using the Mobile App to Post via the Threads App

When publishing using the mobile app, your content will be sent to your device at the scheduled time.

Click on the notification from HeyOrca to automatically open up your app and content.

Once in the app, you can select 'Download and Publish' on your content.

Your media will be saved to your library and your caption will be copied to your device.

Your Threads app will then automatically open where you can being to create your post.

Note: For text based content, at the moment you will have to exit out of the HeyOrca app and open up the Threads app manually.

With your media downloaded and content copied, hit the 'New Post' button on your Threads homepage. You can then easily upload your image, and paste your caption to the platform. Once you're happy, press post to publish your content!

Using Email Notifications to post via Threads on your Browser

Publishing your Threads content via the email notifications is very similar to the mobile notifications workflow.

Once the scheduled time arrives, your content will be sent to your chosen email. Hit the "Download Post" button to download the image from the email. You can then copy the caption and open up and log into your account in a new tab.

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