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Filter by Post tags and Campaigns in HeyOrca’s Post Performance section
Filter by Post tags and Campaigns in HeyOrca’s Post Performance section

Sort your top performing posts and track tag and campaign performance

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With HeyOrca’s Post Performance section in HeyOrca Reports, you’re able to sort by post tags, campaigns, and keywords that you create in the calendar.

This will be able to help you even further by tracking the performance of specific posts that you use with campaigns and post tags you create in the calendar!

Note: You will need to have campaigns and post tags created in the calendar to be able to use this feature. Learn how to create post tags and campaigns with Post Categorization in HeyOrca!

Note: Filtering by post tags and campaigns isn’t available on Pro Reports at this time.

Here’s how to sort by campaigns and post tags in the Post Performance section.

Step 1: Select a social account and generate a report within the HeyOrca Reports dashboard.

Step 2: Choose the period that you’d like to apply to your reports.

Step 3: Scroll down to your post performance section, and click the “filters” tab above the Post Performance section.

Step 4: Pick the post tags and/or campaigns that you’d like to filter to your posts, and click “Apply”.

Now you’ll be able to see your post performance based on your custom campaigns and post tags for the date range you selected!

You can also sort your post performance section by the metric of your choice, as well as arrange your posts from best to worst, or worst to best.

Click on the “sort” drop-down menu and then apply the metrics or rankings of your choice.

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