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Copying Posts to Different Social Accounts
Copying Posts to Different Social Accounts

How to use the copy function to copy posts from one social account to another!

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On the individual post level, use the copy post button to copy your post to another connected social account:

Once the copy button is pressed, a new pop up window will open, enabling you to copy your posts to any or all your social accounts connected on your calendar.

The post will load directly beneath the post you’re copying, making it simple to quickly edit the content of your copied post!

To copy posts to multiple channels at once, you can select each channel that you want to copy that post to in the pop up menu.

Find out more by checking out this article.

You can also copy posts in bulk, using Bulk Actions. This will allow you to copy multiple posts to a single channel, or multiple channels.

Pro-tip! To copy posts to another social channel on a different client calendar, use Advanced Copy.

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